Ultimate Electronics

Ultimate Electronics has a rich history dating back to 1968, when Bill and Barb Pearse opened up the first store in Arvada, Colorado. Their focus each day was to provide a shopping experience that was second to none. Each guest mattered, and taking the time to provide the right solution was central to their operation. As the premier audio specialist in the Denver area, they quickly achieved success, which led to growth. In the early 1980's, video products began to play a larger role in consumers' lives. During this period, Ultimate added TVs to their mix of products and expanded the chain throughout the Denver Market. Bill and Barb's business principles and uncompromising expectations around great service led to growth in markets such as Minnesota, St. Louis, Oklahoma, Nevada, Kansas, New Mexico, and Arizona. In 2005, the company peaked the interest of long-time customer, Mark Wattles, the founder of Hollywood Video. Mark recognized the great potential for Ultimate Electronics and pu...
Ultimate Electronics contact details
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consumer electronics
321 A W 84th Ave,Thornton,CO,US

Ultimate Electronics Management & Employee Directory

Lindsay Reeves
Lindsay Reeves
Assistant General Manager at ultimate electronics
Jason Dearham
Jason Dearham
Regional Operations Director at Ultimate Auto Glass & Electronics
Chris Busch
Chris Busch
Asst. Operations Manager at Ultimate Electronics
Pete Vasquez
Pete Vasquez
specialty goods manager at Ultimate Electronics
Vincent Longtin
Vincent Longtin
Specialty Goods Manager at Ultimate Electronics
Anthony Fresolone
Anthony Fresolone
Lead Technician at Ultimate Auto Glass & Electronics
Bryan Holsapple
Bryan Holsapple
Home Electronics Specialist at Ultimate Electronics
Firat Gunaydin
Firat Gunaydin
Field Technician at Ultimate Auto Glass & Electronics
Kristi Senger
Kristi Senger
Business Development | Marketing | Sales | Realtor
Kyle Sahs
Kyle Sahs
Installation Technician at Ultimate Electronics

Ultimate Electronics Competitors

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