TREND COUNCIL expertly delivers trend analysis and design inspiration to designers and fashion professionals. Our trend portal showcases long term and fast track trends, runway analysis, color, pattern and retail reporting. We have long been partner consultants for premium retailers, designers, buyers and merchandisers around the globe, supplying them with the ingredients for future success. We are famous for compiling comprehensive forecasts that are laid out clearly and systematically, making us the ‘go to’ for fashion community. For more information about subscription packages or a customized demo log onto …And for daily injections from Trend Council log onto BLOG FACEBOOK TWITTER
TREND COUNCIL contact details
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apparel & fashion
430 W 24th St suite 1B,New York,NY,United States

TREND COUNCIL Management & Employee Directory

Dan Brownsher
Dan Brownsher
Founder of Channel Key | Investor | Amazon Thought Leader | eCommerce Expert | Generating $750 million in Amazon sales for our clients
Sudhir Sekhri
Sudhir Sekhri
Chairman&Managing Director,Trend Setters Group,India
Mitchell Kass
Mitchell Kass
President & Creative Director at TREND COUNCIL
Nadia F Macri
Nadia F Macri
Director of Business Development at Trendstop
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Dynamic Business & Marketing Management Leader • Revenue & Profit Building Excellence
Anand Venugopal
Anand Venugopal
I help companies get more customers through organic & paid marketing campaigns.
D'arcy Dornan
D'arcy Dornan
Global Business Development and ESG Professional
Fashion Technology | NIFT Gandhinagar
Scott Fleming
Scott Fleming
Ceramic, Glass & Pool Tile Specialist/Consultant/Expert Witness


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Apparel & Fashion
Artisans Inc.
apparel & fashion
Apparel & Fashion
Apparel & Fashion

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