Toyota Research Institute

At Toyota Research Institute (TRI), we’re working to build a future where everyone has the freedom to move, engage, and explore with a focus on reducing vehicle collisions, injuries, and fatalities. Join us in our mission to improve the quality of human life through advances in artificial intelligence, automated driving, robotics, and materials science. We’re dedicated to building a world of “mobility for all” where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can live in harmony with technology to enjoy a better life. Through innovations in AI, we’ll…-Develop vehicles incapable of causing a crash, regardless of the actions of the driver.-Develop technology for vehicles and robots to help people enjoy new levels of independence, access, and mobility.-Bring advanced mobility technology to market faster.- Discover new materials that will make batteries and hydrogen fuel cells smaller, lighter, less expensive and more powerful.Our work is guided by a dedication to safety – in how we research,...
Toyota Research Institute contact details
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4440 El Camino Real,Los Altos,California,US

Toyota Research Institute Management & Employee Directory

Travis Millet
Travis Millet
Sr. Triage Operations Lead at Woven Planet
Roshan Lala
Roshan Lala
Technical Support Manager at Toyota Research Institute
Sarah Koehler
Sarah Koehler
Senior Research Scientist at Toyota Research Institute
Naveen Kuppuswamy
Naveen Kuppuswamy
(He/him/his) Roboticist, Tactile Perception and Control Lead & Sr. Research Scientist at Toyota Research Institute
Rumen Iliev
Rumen Iliev
Sr. Behavioral Scientist at Toyota Research Institute
Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone
Staff Research Engineer in Home Robotics/Computer Vision
Eric Cousineau
Eric Cousineau
Robotics Research Engineer at Toyota Research Institute
Manuel Ahumada
Manuel Ahumada
Software Engineer at Toyota Research Institute
Mathew Dedonato
Mathew Dedonato
Senior Manager, Vehicle Hardware Platforms at Woven Planet
Jakob Hoellerbauer
Jakob Hoellerbauer
Software Engineer IV at Toyota Research Institute
Yvette Gallard
Yvette Gallard
Executive Recruiter - Toyota Research Institute
Sarah Oleinick
Sarah Oleinick
Wondering if we can build sustainable Automated Driving with empathy
Stephanie Lefevre
Stephanie Lefevre
Research Scientist at Toyota Research Insitute
Huihua Zhao
Huihua Zhao
Senior Research Scientist at TRI Robotics
Viji Shastri
Viji Shastri
Sr. Software Engineer, Autonomous Vehicles @ NVIDIA | Distributed Systems, Machine Learning infra, Autonomous Systems

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