The Ursuline School

Founded in 1897 by the Order of St. Ursula, The Ursuline School is a Catholic, college preparatory school dedicated to the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of young women. Rooted in the counsels of St. Angela Merici, founder of the Ursuline Sisters, the mission of the school community is to educate, inspire, and empower young women to learn, to lead and to serve. Committed to academic excellence and the value of every individual, the school challenges each student to develop and share her unique gifts within the school and within the wider community. In a student-centered atmosphere devoted to caring and concern, our young women are encouraged to celebrate the richness of their diverse ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds uniting them as students and as Ursuline alumnae. Seeking to model the teachings of St. Angela, the dedicated, talented, and caring faculty, administration, and staff inspire our students not only to learn, but also to question, to reflect...
The Ursuline School contact details
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Education Management
1354 North Avenue,New Rochelle,NY,United States

The Ursuline School Management & Employee Directory

Jen Brooks Cmaa
Jen Brooks Cmaa
Creating & Claiming Space for Everyone | 22 Most Influential Women in Business from STL Business Journal | 21 MO High School Athletic Director of the Year | Founder of The Global Community of Women in
Alice Smyth
Alice Smyth
Director Of Campus Ministry at The Ursuline School
Joseph L Frederick
Joseph L Frederick
Director of Girls Lacrosse at House of Sports NY and Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach at The Ursuline School
Ricardo Eugenio
Ricardo Eugenio
Youth Head Division Coach at RYE YOUTH SOCCER CLUB INC
Debra Vicoli
Debra Vicoli
Academic Guidance at The Ursuline School of New Rochelle
Hayley Mulenda * Frsa
Hayley Mulenda * Frsa
International Keynote Speaker | Consultant | Author | Change-Agent | School Governor | Board Member
Jo-anne Gramaglia
Jo-anne Gramaglia
Associate Professor at The College of New Rochelle and English Teacher at The Ursuline School
Kristen Muschio
Kristen Muschio
High School Social Studies Teacher at The Ursuline School
Pat Diiorio
Pat Diiorio
Artist & Art Teacher at The Ursuline School
Terri Agliardo
Terri Agliardo
Religious Studies Teacher at The Ursuline School
Tracy Canning
Tracy Canning
Social Studies Teacher at The Ursuline School

The Ursuline School Competitors

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