The Marvin Group

The Marvin Group is a vertically integrated, privately held small business headquartered in Southern California.We are comprised of three business units: Marvin Engineering Co. (MEC), Marvin Test Solutions (MTS), and Marvin Land Systems (MLS).MEC and MLS are co-located in Inglewood, California, with MTS based in Irvine, California. Both facilities are within minutes of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and John Wayne International Airport (SNA) respectively.Marvin Engineering Co. specializes in fixed and rotary wing aircraft stores carriage and release equipment, including ejector racks, missile launchers, pylons and other specialized Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) / Aircraft Armament Equipment (AAE). Since 2004, MEC has served as Lockheed Martin's Managing Partner for AME associated with the F-35 Lightning II (JSF) Program, overseeing the work of 5 international partners. Marvin Test Solutions, a vertically-integrated aerospace test and measurement company, has created and de...
The Marvin Group contact details
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defense & space
261 W. Beach Ave,Inglewood,California,United States

The Marvin Group Management & Employee Directory

James Dean Peters
James Dean Peters
Real Estate Managing Broker, Investor, Consultant of all aspects of Real Estate, Speaker & Trainer of the REO/Short sale processMens Retail clothing store mgr
Giannina Nurena
Giannina Nurena
Manufacturing Assembly Supervisor in the JSF F35 Program
Matt Farmer
Matt Farmer
Client Services Manager at The Marvin Group LLC
Usama Ehsan
Usama Ehsan
IT Communications Manager at The Marvin Group
Abdul Adam
Abdul Adam
Inventory Control Clerk at The Marvin Group
Audine Marvin
Audine Marvin
Co-owner of Health & Wellness Consulting & THE MARVIN GROUP
James Kerr
James Kerr
Campaign Mgr - Sarah Marvin PA State HD 157
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen
Information Security Engineer II - CHOC - CEH, ENSA, MCT, MCSE
Mario Valdes
Mario Valdes
Electrical Mechanical Engineering at The Marvin Group
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong
Mechanical Assembler at The Marvin Group
Steve Newman
Steve Newman

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