Tala is a financial technology company on a mission to build a financial system that works for everyone. Our first product is a lending app that instantly underwrites and delivers credit to customers who have little or no formal borrowing history. Tala has disbursed over $1B to more than 4 million customers across East Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, and India who use Tala loans to start and expand small businesses, pay school fees and bills, and build more stable financial lives. Tala is backed by leading venture and impact investors including RPS Ventures, GGV Capital, IVP, Revolution Growth, Lowercase Capital, Data Collective VC, ThomVest Ventures and PayPal Ventures. Tala is headquartered in Santa Monica with offices in Nairobi, Manila, Mexico City, and Bangalore.Head to Tala.co/careers to learn more about all of our open positions around the world!
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financial services
1633 26th St,Santa Monica,California,US

Tala Management & Employee Directory

Grace Beverley
Grace Beverley
CEO & Founder at TALA & SHREDDY | Forbes 30U30
Nick Norcross
Nick Norcross
VP of Product, Deposit Accounts at Tala
Danny Salinas
Danny Salinas
Director of Analytics at Tala (I'm Hiring!)
Rebecca Maruti
Rebecca Maruti
Senior Regional Director People-KE/IN
Greg Russell
Greg Russell
Contract Sales Manager at Tala UK - [email protected] & 07809775004
Neha Jagannath
Neha Jagannath
Social-Impact Driven Product Manager
Jorge Tapias
Jorge Tapias
Partnerships, BD, Go-To-Market Leader I Ex-Google and LinkedIn
Teja Krishna Talluri
Teja Krishna Talluri
Senior Engineer at Tala | Experience with Java, Python, Node and React | Experience in Azure and GCP
Arun Ramamoorthy
Arun Ramamoorthy
Early Stage Investor, Mentor, Advisor
Elizabeth Spletzer
Elizabeth Spletzer
Vice President of Product Design at Tala
Nick Green
Nick Green
Seed Investor || Angel Investor (x46)
Rachel Nguli
Rachel Nguli
#Digital #FinancialServices #Fintech #mobile

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