SUHAIB APPAREL LLC., Manufacture, Import & Wholesale the Knits Fashion Apparel, from Pakistan to the United States of America. Suhaib Apparel, has been working to provide fashion, quality and value to our customers for over 20 years. - We empasized on product innovation, consumer focused marketing, efficient and industry-leading operating platforms and long term strategic planning. - We continuously reinvent and adapt our business profile and product mix for the benefit of our customers. - The driving force behind our success lies in the tremendous energy and dedication of our dynamic team of associates. Buyers from major retailers, department stores and specialty stores from the United States and all over the world visit our showroom in New York to view our seasonal collections for 8-20 Boys. Suhaib Apparel, product lines include internationally known licenses, as well as value and department store brand names. - Our clients recognize our dedication and commitment to quality. -...
SUHAIB APPAREL LLC. contact details
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apparel & fashion
1407 Broadway,New York,NY,United States


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Apparel & Fashion

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