Strava is Swedish for “strive,” which epitomizes who we are and what we do. We’re a passionate and committed team, unified by our mission to connect athletes to what motivates them and help them find their personal best. And with billions of activity uploads from all over the world, we have a humbling and audacious vision: to be the record of the world’s athletic activities and the technology that makes every effort count. Strava builds software that makes the best part of our athletes’ days even better. And just as we’re deeply committed to unlocking their potential, we’re dedicated to providing a world-class, inclusive workplace where our employees can grow and thrive, too. We’re backed by Sequoia Capital, Madrone Partners and Jackson Square Ventures, and we’re expanding in order to exceed the needs of our growing community of global athletes. Our culture reflects our community – we are continuously striving to hire and engage diverse teammates from all backgrounds, experiences and...
Strava contact details
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208 Utah St,San Francisco,California,US

Strava Management & Employee Directory

Derick Yang
Derick Yang
Senior Software Engineer at Strava Metro
Ethan A
Ethan A
Assistant Professor at UNT Health Science Center
Freddy Rivera
Freddy Rivera
Sr. PM - Talent Branding & DEI Recruiting Programs @ Strava | Equity & Inclusion Advocate | Lifelong Student | he/him/él
Glenn Newman
Glenn Newman
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ Strava
Rosamaria G
Rosamaria G
Vice President of Community at Strava
Jason Van Der Merwe
Jason Van Der Merwe
Director of Engineering, Growth @ Strava
Kent Sutton
Kent Sutton
Senior Director of Finance at Strava
Kevin Weil
Kevin Weil
President of Product & Business at Planet, Board Member at Strava, The Nature Conservancy, and BPM
Kyle Clark
Kyle Clark
Senior Analytics Manager at Strava
Maria Sol Yrimia Obarrio
Maria Sol Yrimia Obarrio
Revenue Strategy & Operations Analyst @Strava
Robbie Kellman Baxter
Robbie Kellman Baxter
Advisor to the world's leading subscription-based companies | Keynote Speaker | Author of The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction | Host of Subscription StoriesPodcast
Teddy Page
Teddy Page
Senior Marketing Manager, UK at Strava
Zoe Arrieta
Zoe Arrieta
Design and Art Direction | Certified Brand Strategist

Strava Competitors

health, wellness & fitness
Runkeeper (ASICS Digital)
computer software

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