provides all the functions of the Post Office right on your desktop. From postage stamps to shipping labels, from First Class Package Service to Priority Mail, gives you the power to print and manage your postage like never before. online postage features include: Print Postage Stamps- Print any denomination- Use for letters or packages- Never run out of stamps againPrint Shipping Labels- Print on adhesive labels, plain paper or with a thermal printer- Up to 40% discount on insurance- Electronic customs – no more forms to printE-commerce/Shopping Cart Integrations- Automatically import orders from®, eBay® and Etsy- Shopping Cart Support including Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento® - Multi-Carrier Shipping Software including ADSI and DescartesAccess Rate Discounts Not Available at the Post Office- Up to 28% off First Class Package Service- Up to 40% off Priority Mail- Save five cents and pay only $0.50 for a one-ounce First Class Mail letter contact details
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1990 E. Grand Ave.,El Segundo,CA,US Management & Employee Directory

Michael Yap
Michael Yap
Global Executive | Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
Xavier Ridel
Xavier Ridel
Marketing Operations Manager at
Nicholas Barranca
Nicholas Barranca
Vice President Government Affairs and Lobbying at
Chris Dugal
Chris Dugal
8x Certified CRM Architect at
Zaven Aharonian
Zaven Aharonian
Database Administrator (SQL DBA) at Keynote Systems
John Zanchi
John Zanchi
Director, Business Development at
George Olsen
George Olsen
Senior National Accounts Manager, Federal Sales at
Edgar Cayago
Edgar Cayago
Trade Shows & Events Manager at and GlobalPost
David Wirin
David Wirin
Regional Sales Executive at - Northeast
Radoslav Ninov
Radoslav Ninov
Pricing Strategy I Business Strategy I Product Management | Monetization | MBA Competitors

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