The new economy needs a new approach to education. Education is no longer a one-time investment at the beginning of one's career, it's a lifelong pursuit. At Springboard, we offer an educational experience that empower our students to thrive in this new world order. We believe that each of us is unique, so are our learning needs. The ideal learning experience should be designed to fit our life’s pace, with support from advisors and mentors who understand us. We believe that education should prepare us for the real world, and that working on meaningful projects under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to get there. We know that learning is hard work, and we are here to support you at every step -- student success is our first priority. We have an amazing community of students, mentors and alumni. Come learn with us!
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San Francisco, California, United States

Springboard Management & Employee Directory

Allison Fong
Allison Fong
UX Designer | Product Designer - Open to New Opportunities
Alex Souza
Alex Souza
A user experience (UX) designer leader, who loves to build products, mentor and innovate.
Jae Kim
Jae Kim
Jr Software Developer | C# | Python | Javascript
Gigi Silver
Gigi Silver
Digital Marketing Manager at Springboard
Atiriya Hari
Atiriya Hari
Student Success Manager (Data Science, Data & ML Engineering, Data Analytics)
Michael Greis
Michael Greis
Helping clients solve problems | Data Analysis | Data Visualization | Data Engineering | Product Management
David Reder
David Reder
AML | Due Diligence | Data Analyst | SQL | Python | Tableau
Arlene Hildreth
Arlene Hildreth
Accessories Merchandising/Product Development Leader I Data Analytics
Muhiddin Kurbonov
Muhiddin Kurbonov
Junior Software Developer | JavaScript | ES6 | React | Node | Express | PostgreSQL
Rachel Saccuzzo
Rachel Saccuzzo
Senior Manager, Career Services at Springboard
Kenneth Powell
Kenneth Powell
Software Engineer who thrives best while sorting out the mystery of what went wrong.
William Fayette
William Fayette
Junior Software Engineer | Javascript | Python | NodeJS | React | Audio/Music Production
Dagart Allison
Dagart Allison
Machine Learning Engineer | Data Scientist | Protein Biochemist | Bitcoin Enthusiast
Yali Chen
Yali Chen
Senior Instructional Designer at Springboard

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