Simeio Solutions

Customers of all sizes globally rely on Simeio Solutions to help secure their organizations. An innovative and industry leader, Simeio offers professional services, Identity and Access Management (IAM) managed services, and Identity as a Service (IDaaS). Its full range of services is powered by an industry first IAM Virtualization Platform delivered via Simeio's Identity Intelligence Center (IIC). Simeio IIC is the first and only solution of its kind designed specifically to operate, monitor and defend complex, multi-vendor IAM infrastructures and deliver actionable business intelligence Simeio's client base is expanding as interest in identity and access management and IT governance, risk and compliance grows across all sectors. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Simeio has operations in India, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Europe, across North America, South America and Canada. We are a cutting-edge growing company with a strong dedication to our employees and the...
Simeio Solutions contact details
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information technology & services
55 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd,Atlanta,Georgia,United States

Simeio Solutions Management & Employee Directory

Jonathan Yarborough
Jonathan Yarborough
Identity Solutions Consultant - Northeast U.S. and Canada (IGA, AM, PAM, CIAM, NHID's)
Shashi Dasari
Shashi Dasari
Sr. Identity & Access Management (IAM) Architect
Owen Newman
Owen Newman
Chief Financial Officer at Simeio Solutions
Siddharth Gandhi
Siddharth Gandhi
Senior Associate Software Engineer at Simeio Solutions
Erica Lasalle
Erica Lasalle
Dynamic B2B revenue marketer with 13+ years of progressive, integrated marketing experience
Sachin Thakare
Sachin Thakare
Tushar Kad
Tushar Kad
Senior Manager Human Resources - Simeio Solutions Ambassador - Resources for Humans - Global HR Community by Lattice SHRM-Atlanta Volunteer Communications Team Member
Mallika Sanyal
Mallika Sanyal
Identity and Access Management; Project/Program Management; CIPT; AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Sriganesh Chandrasekaran
Sriganesh Chandrasekaran
Vice President - Services | Cybersecurity Identity&Access Management | CISM | CIAM | Security+
Alan Chung
Alan Chung
Director of Talent Acquisition at Simeio
Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
Senior Manager, Solutions & Advisory - Customer Success at Simeio Solutions

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