SEC Recruitment

SEC is proud to be one of Europe’s leading providers of talent acquisition services for Contract Research Organisations (CROs), Pharmaceutical, Life Science and IT businesses. We cover permanent and freelance/contract positions, as well as other bespoke outsourced services to businesses who need further support or outsourcing with their contractor solutions.At SEC we work to values that underline everything we do, they are trust, honesty, integrity and commitment. These aren’t just words on a website, this is who we are and what we believe, and we live by these values when we work in partnership with employers, candidates and all other stakeholdersWe've been around since 1987 and have developed a unique team of over 55 highly skilled, multi-lingual consultants, who collectively speak over 20 languages.
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staffing & recruiting
3rd Floor,London,England,GB

SEC Recruitment Management & Employee Directory

Manatividad Cazarez Diplomado Nee
Manatividad Cazarez Diplomado Nee
Maestra de Grupo de Educacion especial en SEC Recruitment
Sakshi Pande
Sakshi Pande
Team Lead at Elite Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd
Nitin Wadhwani
Nitin Wadhwani
20+ Years’ Experience in Technology Recruitment | ERP, CRM, Biometrics
Rachael Conroy
Rachael Conroy
Providing Master Vendor solutions through key partnerships

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