Seatriever International Holdings Limited

Welcome to Seatriever International, the home of illooms® LED light up balloons and the WaterBuoy®.We are a rapidly growing, innovative and entrepreneurial consumer goods business with offices in the UK, China and the USA. Our products are sold in over 40 countries around the world, with more being added all the time.We’ve come a long way from humble beginnings, but no matter how far we go, we won’t leave our core values behind, find them on our website.
Seatriever International Holdings Limited contact details
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Consumer Goods
26 Cheshire Business Park,Northwich,Cheshire,United Kingdom

Seatriever International Holdings Limited Management & Employee Directory

Vicky Maguire
Vicky Maguire
Executive Assistant To CEO at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke
Global Replenishment & Supply Chain Manager at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Bethany Mingmoang
Bethany Mingmoang
Project Manager at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Caroline Griffin
Caroline Griffin
Project Manager at Seatriever International
Charlotte Cooper
Charlotte Cooper
Global Commercial Project Manager Sales & Marketing at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Andrea Moorhouse
Andrea Moorhouse
Operations Leader at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford
Senior Project Design Engineer at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Carole Marsh
Carole Marsh
Keeping the ledgers clean at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
LL.M. | Brand Protection | IP Paralegal
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone
Sales Analyst at Seatriever International Holdings Limited
Gareth Otton
Gareth Otton
Digital Designer at Seatriever International Holdings Limited

Seatriever International Holdings Limited Competitors

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