Ridecell helps companies build and operate profitable shared mobility businesses. With our High-yield Shared Mobility™ toolkit of intelligent software, business services, and ecosystem partners, Ridecell customers are able to maximize three key profit drivers: customer experience; fleet utilization; and operational efficiency.Founded in 2009, today Ridecell powers some of the most successful shared mobility services in cities across Europe and North America. These services include ZITY from Ferrovial and Groupe Renault, Gig Car Share from AAA, and Karma Mobility Experiences from Karma Automotive.Ridecell is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has more than 150 employees in offices across the globe.To learn more about our Autonomous Driving Division, visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/auro-robotics
Ridecell contact details
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514 Bryant Street,San Francisco,California,US

Ridecell Management & Employee Directory

Gelena Sachs
Gelena Sachs
Chief People Officer, Keynote Speaker, Board Member and Angel Investor
Jun O
Jun O
COO | Execution | Strategy | Product | Business Development | Advisory
Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar
Strategic & Financial Advisor | ex-CFO | Investor | Board Advisor | Finance and Strategic Ops | Investment Banking
Angie Henkel
Angie Henkel
Senior Manager of Business Analytics at Fleetmatics
Joshua Shim
Joshua Shim
Senior Accounting Manager at Ridecell
Babak Khademi
Babak Khademi
Business Development I Strategy I Leadership
Daniel Mcgehee
Daniel Mcgehee
VP of Growth, Founding team @ Ridecell
Dave Kaufman
Dave Kaufman
Intellectual Property professional helping organizations build, diversify and strengthen their patent portfolios.
Dermot Hikisch
Dermot Hikisch
Partnerships and Infrastructure Plays to scale the Sustainable Economy.
Mansi Aneja
Mansi Aneja
Content Marketing | Demand Generation | Full-funnel Content Strategy | SaaS B2B Marketing | Customer Storytelling | Editorial Operations | Content Architecture | Data Storytelling | SEO | Thought Lea
Sonal Agrawal
Sonal Agrawal
Backend @Ridecell | Crio Launch | 2021 Grad
Tarun Mishra
Tarun Mishra
Competitive Programmer | Expert at Codeforces (1704) | 5* at Codechef (2099) | CSE 2023

Ridecell Competitors

information technology & services
Adamson Ford

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