Retail Information Systems (RIS)

Retail Information Systems provides cost-effective, highly configurable and scalable Point of Sale and Inventory Control software and hardware solutions to clients worldwide, from large Retail/Wholesale chains to specialty retailers, in all types of verticals. For nearly two decades RIS has strived to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering outstanding in-house technical support and extensive knowledge of the Retail and IT industries. RIS is fortunate to be supported by a team whose functional and technical expertise, combined with their hands-on experience, ensures that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. RIS is a Retail Pro Diamond Partner and Certified NCR CounterPoint Partner. In addition, RIS is a strategic partner with Conductiv, Inc. and Retail NEXT. Through these partnerships, RIS brings the latest in innovative technology to their clients to create end-to-end business solutions to give them the advantages they need. No matte...
Retail Information Systems (RIS) contact details
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Information Technology & Services
2555 Westhollow Drive,Houston,Texas,US

Retail Information Systems (RIS) Management & Employee Directory

Andre Persaud
Andre Persaud
Chief Retail Officer Rite Aid Corp | Board Member (Vice Chair) National Association of Chain Drug Stores
Kevin Mccombs
Kevin Mccombs
Director of Professional Services at Retail Information Systems (RIS)
Erkan Beker
Erkan Beker
Technical Lead / Architect, Manager of DevOps @ American Bureau of Shipping - Digital Solutions
Niveen  Zatari
Niveen Zatari
Client Success Manager - SPM at Accelytics Consulting
Radhika Jeswani
Radhika Jeswani
Retail Consultant/Account Manager at Retail Information Systems (RIS)
Sam S Kettoola
Sam S Kettoola
I.T Project Manager / Senior Applications Consultant
Manuel Corral
Manuel Corral
Senior Information Technology Support en Retail Information Systems (RIS)
Norm Humphrey
Norm Humphrey
Senior Sales Retail Information Systems ( RIS )
Todd Paine
Todd Paine
Sr. Sales Consultant at Retail Information Systems

Retail Information Systems (RIS) Competitors

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