Resolute Health Hospital

Most healthcare companies focus more on sick care than healthcare. Not Resolute Health. Our health and wellness approach promotes prevention and wellbeing first and foremost. Because if it isn't broken, you don't have to fix it - you just keep it operating in great shape. We believe: •Being proactive and holistic about health helps prevent and minimize illness •Health and wellness systems should be much more than doctors and hospitals - they should also include retail health shops; workforce health initiatives; fitness, spa and wellness centers; healthy dining options; and open green spaces to encourage outdoor activity •Health and wellness can improve the health of our community over time, which could mean opportunities for better infrastructure and more jobs At Resolute Health, we're building a collaborative to engage, inspire and empower the tri-county area of Hays, Guadalupe and Comal Counties to increase wellbeing across our community. •Community garden for kids and senior...
Resolute Health Hospital contact details
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hospital & health care
160 Creekside Way,New Braunfels,Texas,United States

Resolute Health Hospital Management & Employee Directory

kory kelly
kory kelly
Founder | Legal Karma
cody morphis
cody morphis
Channel Account Manager at Sophos
matthew stone
matthew stone
Group CEO Central, South and East TX at Tenet Healthcare
vidal quintanilla lssbb
vidal quintanilla lssbb
Executive Director of Human Resources / Private Equity / Masters Degree/ Multi-State Human Resources / Healthcare
danyl butler
danyl butler
Regional Director at Optum Health

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