Quiksilver Europe

Quiksilver is the leading global apparel company in the outdoor and boardsports markets. We create and distribute our products under three core brands, Quiksilver, Roxy and DC, whose essence is strongly based in individual expression, adventurous spirit and authenticity. Based in Saint Jean de Luz and created in 1984, Quiksilver Europe headquarters centralize all operation and administrative staff. Entreprise leader sur le marché de l'outdoor et de la glisse, Quiksilver crée et distribue ses collections textiles et équipements entre autres pour les marques Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Basé à Saint Jean de Luz, le siège social Europe, crée en 1984, centralise les fonctions opérationnelles et administratives pour les quarante sociétés françaises et européennes
Quiksilver Europe contact details
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apparel & fashion
162 rue Belharra,SAINT JEAN DE LUZ,FR

Quiksilver Europe Management & Employee Directory

Claire Garello
Claire Garello
Roxy active & wetsuits global designer chez Boardriders
David Lopez
David Lopez
Representante Canarias en Quiksilver Technical Division
Emeline Caillot
Emeline Caillot
Global Core Process & Calendar Manager chez Boardriders
Jennifer Herren
Jennifer Herren
Key Account Management, Distribution, Business Development
Jeremy Lacoste
Jeremy Lacoste
Représentant Textile chez Quiksilver Europe
Louise French
Louise French
Destination wedding & events co-ordinator and stylist. South West France.
Manon Quetron
Manon Quetron
Global Swimwear fashion designer assistant for ROXY - Quiksilver / Boardriders - Women & Girl
Marie Lauga
Marie Lauga
Freelance Fashion Designer chez By M&L Design
Michel Vidal
Michel Vidal
responsable magasins chez QUIKSILVER Saint Martin
Nathalie Sanchez
Nathalie Sanchez
Coordinatrice service client E-commerce Boardriders Europe
Salinda Ng-gineste
Salinda Ng-gineste
Collection Logistic Assistant chez Quiksilver Europe
Sylvain Agnes
Sylvain Agnes
National Sales Manager France chez Boardriders
Yannick Da Silva
Yannick Da Silva
Global Wetsuit Product Developer & Sourcing Manager at Quiksilver

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Apparel & Fashion

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