P&O Cruises

Relax. With more than 175 years as Britain’s favourite cruise line, we know a thing or two about holidaying... and having a good time! Every detail of our ships is tailored towards modern British tastes (including brand new Britannia), and every aspect of our holidays is designed to make you feel special. So slip free from the rigours of routine and escape with us to a world where you can awake every day to an amazing new skyline. Discover meals lovingly crafted by our Food Heroes; the famous faces that make our food fabulous, including Marco Pierre White, Eric Lanlard and Atul Kochhar, as well as Cookery Club experiences with James Martin. While away the days as they unfold at your pace and no one else’s. You’ll find ships designed for adults and others which provide the perfect playground for all ages. So let’s set a course and away we go... This is the life.
P&O Cruises contact details
1,001-5,000 View all
leisure, travel & tourism
Southampton, SO15 1ST, GB

P&O Cruises Management & Employee Directory

Cara Hayward
Cara Hayward
Connecting FM professionals worldwide- Berry Technical
Amy Meredith
Amy Meredith
Senior Digital Marketing Exec at P&O Cruises
Laurence Hinton
Laurence Hinton
Marketing Executive US, NZ & Fusions - Accolade Wines
Neil Kelly
Neil Kelly
Entertainment Director at Cunard Line and P&O Cruises and fun loving Zumba Instructor!
Jarrod Zurvas
Jarrod Zurvas
Business Development Manager at Scenic - Luxury Cruises & Tours VIC TAS
Jonny Lloyd
Jonny Lloyd
Entertainment Specialist | Producer | Choreographer
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar
Sr. Restaurant Manager / Assistant Dining and Beverage Manager at Carnival UK (P&O Cruises & Cunard)

P&O Cruises Competitors

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