Peridot Corporation

Peridot is your next-generation production partner, specializing in custom device/instrument manufacturing for the medical and technology industries. While other contract manufacturers outsource some component fabrication and assembly, we do it all under one roof—from prototyping to production, packaging and distribution. Our unique approach creates cost- and time efficiencies that get you to market faster, and usually for less. Peridot has significant experience in Minimally Invasive Surgical devices. The shrinking scale of these devices mandate a level of precision in micro-scale that continually drives us to innovation and investment in the advanced tools and techniques demanded by this industry. Our staff takes delight in forcing raw materials to do what they are disinclined by nature to do. Our rapidly growing CNC machining division is capable of milling and turning micro to mid-size parts from the most difficult to machine materials such as Inconel and Titanium. Multi Axi...
Peridot Corporation contact details
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medical device
1072 Serpentine Lane,Pleasanton,CA,US

Peridot Corporation Management & Employee Directory

Aryn Book
Aryn Book
Director of Communication & Design at Associated Benefits Corporation & Owner at Peridot + Lace
Monojit Raha
Monojit Raha
Director of Quality Assurance, & Regulatory Affairs at Peridot Corporation
Rodrigo Solis
Rodrigo Solis
Laser Department Supervisor at Peridot Corporation
John Kujanek
John Kujanek
Quality Assurance Manager at Peridot Corporation
John Lindsay
John Lindsay
Engineering/Manufacturing Manager at Peridot Corporation
Jojo Garcia
Jojo Garcia
Purchasing Manager at Peridot Corporation
Sheri Corder
Sheri Corder
shipping/receiving manager at Peridot Corporation
Brian Danh
Brian Danh
Communication Major with a Passion for Leadership, Public Relations, and Customer/Technical Support.
Naveed Paracha
Naveed Paracha
Senior Store Officer at Kiwi Sara Lee (Peridot Products)
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith
Laser programmer/Metal fabricator at Peridot Corporation
Cory Cheek
Cory Cheek
Logistics Engineering Analyst at SimVentions
Marisol Palomares
Marisol Palomares
Sales Service Administrator at Peridot Corporation
Mike Mcgeachy
Mike Mcgeachy
Estimator, Customer Engineering at Peridot Corporation

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