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Welcome to the official PeoplePlus LinkedIn page. PeoplePlus is a leading public service provider, supporting hundreds of thousands of people each year. Our mission is to make a direct difference to the lives of 1 million people by 2022. Our reach spans from Scotland, across to Wales and Northern Ireland and all across England.We run a number of frontline public services including employment support, skills training, apprenticeships, independent living, and prison education on behalf of the government, as well as recruitment, training and development and wellbeing solutions to employers. We aim to:• Support people to find and keep jobs, and help others set up their own businesses• Deliver skills and training to ensure people can access the right employment and enhance their career prospects• Help people live more independently with disability and carer support services• Reduce the risk of reoffending by tackling the root causes of crime and offending• Work with businesses to attract ta...
PeoplePlus UK contact details
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education management
Blades Enterprise Centre,Sheffield,United Kingdom,GB

PeoplePlus UK Management & Employee Directory

pooja gianchandani
pooja gianchandani
Global TVET & Skills Expert | Advisor at GIZ |Founder Curator #TVETChat
ross bull
ross bull
Manager, Manchester | Placing financial talent into private equity situations
neel m valand
neel m valand
Group Head of Business Development at ELIOT (East London Institute of Technology) & Barking & Dagenham College
sean o'connor
sean o'connor
FinTech Sales team leader at Netguru
tamara medina
tamara medina
CSO & Founder at Invest Digitally (INDIGI) | International Expansion | Venture Capital | Connector

PeoplePlus UK Competitors

government administration
education management
JHP Training
staffing & recruiting
Shaw Trust
Nonprofit Organization Management

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