Otonomo is the first neutral automotive data services platform that simply and securely paves the way for the development of new apps and services for drivers, passengers, municipalities, and transportation companies. The Otonomo platform ingests automotive data from multiple sources, including OEMs and other data providers. It cleanses, normalizes, and aggregates the data and enriches it with third-party datasets in order to meet consumers’ privacy expectations, manage compliance, and maximize its value through our global Marketplace. The Marketplace matches anonymized or personalized datasets and insights to the needs of innovative new apps and services that improve the driving experience and facilitate safer, more convenient automotive transportation. There are over 75 partners in our ecosystem whose goal is to provide services such as vehicle preventive maintenance, public safety, parking, on-demand fueling, in-vehicle delivery, smart city support, and other use cases. Otonomo make...
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16 Abba Even Blvd. ,Herzeliya Pituach,Israel,IL

otonomo Management & Employee Directory

Luca Fer
Luca Fer
Founder and Senior Portfolio Manager BxItaly & BxWorld Funds (Private Equity/Long-Short direction Hedge Funds)
Yuval Cohen
Yuval Cohen
Founder & Managing Partner at StageOne Ventures
Jean-charles Martin
Jean-charles Martin
Director of Business Development & Sales - Connected Car Data
Dolly Alaluf
Dolly Alaluf
Head of Product Design at Otonomo.io
Jeff Kanai
Jeff Kanai
Director Of Business Development at otonomo
Yasmin Yael
Yasmin Yael
Employees experience & Office Manager at Otonomo
Matthew Krukin
Matthew Krukin
Senior Vice President Global Business at Otonomo - Driving Connected Car & EV Data
Neta Gazit
Neta Gazit
Talent Acquisition Team Leader & HR specialist at otonomo
Nir Nahum
Nir Nahum
Software Engineering Team Leader at otonomo
Adam Fisher
Adam Fisher
Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners
Andy Geisse
Andy Geisse
Operating Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
Hagit Tenne-pereg
Hagit Tenne-pereg
VP HR @otonomo | We are hiring - Join the ride!
Jeremy Goldfrad
Jeremy Goldfrad
Automotive | V2X | Data services | Marketplace | Security & Privacy
Maria Di Marco
Maria Di Marco
Supporting Entrepreneurs and Businesses with Marketing Expertise | Always Smiling | Love Building People Up | Hubspot Pro
Nataly Cahn
Nataly Cahn
Big Data, Smart Mobility, Connected Car Data @otonomo
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison
Bridging the technology gap between Cars and Applications for Fleets and Value Added Personal Services via Embedded OEM Connectivity.
Sigal  Rak Viente
Sigal Rak Viente
Artist | Illustrator and UIUX Designer

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