Ontex is a leading international producer of personal hygiene solutions for babies, women and adults. Our quality, value-for-money products are distributed in more than 110 countries through leading retailer private labels, as well as under our own local brands. We engineer and produce our products in 19 plants and 9 R&D labs on 5 continents.Our expertise, international reach and high-quality products make us the partner of choice for consumers, retailers, institutional and private healthcare providers around the world. We use innovation, smart thinking and technology to offer best-value products but never compromise on quality or service. That’s why we are a reliable partner for our customers and are able to offer smart choice solutions that improve the lives of our consumers.At Ontex we embrace the idea of caring for our people and the environment. It’s our ambition to get sustainability embedded in our Ontex DNA with clear focus on caring for people and offering products to customer...
Ontex contact details
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consumer goods
Korte Keppestraat 21,Aalst-Erembodegem,East Flanders,BE

Ontex Management & Employee Directory

Glenn Buss
Glenn Buss
Commercial Lead - New Services at Ontex
Ileana Balan
Ileana Balan
Experienced International Marketer. Passionate about developing fast-growing and profitable businesses. Strategy l Marketing l Brand l Digital l Go-to Market l B2B l B2C l D2C
Jellen Vastenavondt
Jellen Vastenavondt
Team Lead End User Experience at Ontex (Digital Workplace - Microsoft 365 - Endpoint Management)
Johan De Pauw
Johan De Pauw
Business Intelligence Consultant, Founder of MijnKapitaal.be
Luisa Ruggiero
Luisa Ruggiero
Talent Management Professional | Passionate about People and Development | Eager to Learn and Curios | Driven to deliver Excellence
Martha Stuart
Martha Stuart
Digital Marketing Manager at Fisher Investments
Nele Neirinck
Nele Neirinck
Head of Procurement Center of Excellence at Ontex
Pascal Nizette
Pascal Nizette
CEO Emerging Markets at Ontex | Team Leadership & Development | Business Management | Business Strategy | Organisational Development | Financial Operations
Rosalien De Saer
Rosalien De Saer
Team Lead BI Enterprise at Ontex | Nominee Young ICT Lady 2020
Timmy Dequeecker
Timmy Dequeecker
Freelance Finance Manager - Commercial/FP&A/Projects
Jeroen Vroman
Jeroen Vroman
Business Application Manager at Lotus Bakeries

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