OLX Group

At OLX Group, we shape the future of trade to unlock the hidden value in everything. We shape the future of trade as the world’s fastest-growing network of trading platforms, operating in 30+ countries under 20+ well-loved brands including Avito, OLX, Otomoto, letgo, Property24, and many more. We love to unlock value for our customers. Every single month, 300 million people use our platforms to easily, safely, and conveniently find their perfect home, buy or sell a car, find a great job, sell things they no longer need, or strike a great deal on something they need. And we help thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses find their customers too. We also unlock value within our company. We invest in ourselves and each other to reach our full potential. We avoid bureaucracy and empower our teams to innovate. Our commitment to inclusion ensures we listen to a diverse range of voices when making decisions. And, we combine the spirit and agility of a startup with our global scale and the bac...
OLX Group contact details
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Gustav Mahlerplein 5,Amsterdam,North Holland,NL

OLX Group Management & Employee Directory

Ewa Priestley
Ewa Priestley
Talent Management and Leadership Development Lead EMEA at Amazon Web Services
Gautam Thakar
Gautam Thakar
Global CEO, OLX Autos & Emerging Markets (A Naspers company)
Sergio Brites
Sergio Brites
Global Projects Manager at Portugal Telecom
Rafael Felix Correa
Rafael Felix Correa
Senior Site Reliability Engineer at OLX Group
Sarvesh Govindappa
Sarvesh Govindappa
Senior Director - Product Management (Ecommerce, Resale, Mobile, API & Access Control) at Ticketmaster
Andrei Dușu
Andrei Dușu
Head of Monetization, Strategy and Data, OLX Europe at OLX Group
Noureddine Seddik
Noureddine Seddik
Senior Software Engineer at Schibsted Media Group
Alexey Grigorev
Alexey Grigorev
Principal Data Scientist at OLX Group | Founder of DataTalks.Club | Speaker
Michael Attelid
Michael Attelid
Global Director Business IT & Security at OLX Group

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