NYC Ferry

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is working with the Office of Mayor de Blasio to launch the NYC Ferry. The Hornblower Company has been selected as the operator of the NYC Ferry. The service will consist of five new ferry routes in addition to the existing East River Ferry Service (transitioning into NYC Ferry), all charging a fare of $2.75 and allowing transfers between routes. ABOUT HORNBLOWER For 35 years, Hornblower’s yachts and ferries have sailed past famed landmarks throughout North America. Hornblower is the parent company of Hornblower Cruises & Events – serving cities throughout California and New York, offering a unique blend of the finest dining, dancing and entertainment found on the water. Hornblower currently has several operations in New York City, employing over 450 crew members from the New York area on 18 unique vessels.
NYC Ferry contact details
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110 Wall St.,New York,NEW YORK,US

NYC Ferry Management & Employee Directory

Dennis Robesch
Dennis Robesch
Chief Mate, Director, HSSQE at NYC Ferry
Diana Nunez
Diana Nunez
Director Of Purchasing at NYC Ferry
Megan Robbins
Megan Robbins
Director of Guest Services at NYC Ferry
Carl Lewis
Carl Lewis
TOEFL/ESL Teacher at Universal TOEFL
Craig Bowers
Craig Bowers
Safety Officer / Marine Oiler / Tankerman PIC at New York City Department of Transportation Ferry Operations
David Samuel
David Samuel
Actively Pursuing Project Management Role
Freddy Reinoso
Freddy Reinoso
Operations Analyst at NYC Ferry | Data Analytics + Visualization
Jeff Brault
Jeff Brault
Vice President of Public Affairs, Ferries & Transportation at Hornblower Group
Jeffrey Yu
Jeffrey Yu
My Name is Jeffrey Yu I am a "Jack" of all trades.
Kevin Gaudreau
Kevin Gaudreau
Marine Oiler / Safety Officer at NYC DOT Staten Island Ferry
Nirav Soni
Nirav Soni
Financial Analyst at Hornblower Cruises and Events
Timothy O'brien
Timothy O'brien
SVP, Ferries and Transportation at NYC Ferry

NYC Ferry Competitors

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