Morrow & Co

Morrow & Co. is a full-service firm providing a broad range of shareholder services including proxy solicitation, shareholder identification, strategic stock surveillance, corporate governance consultation, and voting projections. Morrow is the advisor of choice for a diversified and global spectrum of clients seeking to reach and influence shareholders. The bedrock of our expertise comes from our day-to-day interaction with the world’s leading publicly-traded companies. We are practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and a unique ability to leverage our vast experience within each of our service disciplines.
Morrow & Co contact details
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Capital Markets
470 West Ave,Stamford,CT,US

Morrow & Co Management & Employee Directory

Billy Howard
Billy Howard
president/founder/owner at Alabama Angels Dog Rescue, Inc (Non Profit)
Tracie Vicki
Tracie Vicki
Managing Director at Morrow & Co., LLC
Darren Morrow
Darren Morrow
Fractional CFO, Providing financial growth, strength and integrity to companies.
Mary Damico
Mary Damico
I&R 211 Director at HelpLine of Delaware and Morrow Co. Inc.
Alice Kirkland
Alice Kirkland
Assitant Project Manager at Bob Morrow Construction Co Inc
Craig Morrow
Craig Morrow
Product Development Manager at Dashine Electronics Co. Ltd.
David R Turner
David R Turner
Construction Manager at Bob Morrow Construction Co., Inc. (BMCC)
Paul Leader
Paul Leader
Project Manager at Morrow Equipment Co. LLC
Brendan Davin
Brendan Davin
Healthcare Business Administration | Former Vice President - Corporate Governance at Morrow Sodali
Steven Beck
Steven Beck
Service Technician, Morrow Equipment Co. LLC
Steven Mcguigan
Steven Mcguigan
Systems Enginner at The University of Alabama

Morrow & Co Competitors

Oracle Partners
capital markets
Morrow Sodali
Financial Services
AST Fund Solutions
financial services
Capital Markets
capital markets

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