MixerBox Inc.

◆ Who We AreMixerBox Inc. was founded in 2012, and soon launched the app MixerBox, which is a music application backed by Y Combinator and numerous other investors (including the Gmail founder, the first Facebook CTO, and etc.).Our team is made up of world-class talents in their respective fields of expertise. Here, we work together as a whole, laugh, and have fun as a family. We are united together to build something big!◆ Our MissionWe aim to become a world-class software company and make people's lives easier through the development of useful apps.◆ Our ProductMixerBox is a music app that allows users to easily combine different music platforms on one device.With MixerBox, aside from building personalized playlists, you can also share your playlists on social media and explore music collections of friends, for free!◆ What We Have AchievedSince 2012, MixerBox has launched in over 60+ countries. It has already reached 100,000,000+ downloads and has been the #1 music app in 18 countrie...
MixerBox Inc. contact details
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Palo Alto,California,United States

MixerBox Inc. Management & Employee Directory

Seoker Wang
Seoker Wang
Backend Software Engineer at MixerBox Inc., formerly Co-founder & CTO at Pointimize Inc.
Jimmy Ku
Jimmy Ku
Head of Growth at Flutterwave, Venture Partner at 10X Capital
Caty  Huang
Caty Huang
Global Marketing Specialist at MixerBox Inc.
Hsuan Li
Hsuan Li
Product Management, Business Development, Growth Marketing
Hua-chien Sun
Hua-chien Sun
Human Resource Specialist(MixerBox Inc.)
Joyce Chio
Joyce Chio
Global Product Marketing Specialist at MixerBox Inc.
Yu-jie Kao
Yu-jie Kao
MixerBox Inc. Product Management & Marketing Specialist (Japan)
Kent Hu
Kent Hu
Impassioned Cantonese culture and language advocate, striving to explore knowledge on Hong Kong and Taiwanese identity and independence.
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang
Part-time marketing assistant at MixerBox Inc.
Leo Liang
Leo Liang
Builder at heart, Crypto Believer, AI Practitioner, Photographer, AudioBug & TruthSeeker - and love building the airplane while flying it
Lucy Tsai
Lucy Tsai
Product Marketing Specialist at MixerBox Inc.|Product Management |User Acquisition and Retention|Business Analysis|Mobile App Marketing|App Store Optimization
MixerBox Inc. Product Marketing Specialist
Wang Yi Han
Wang Yi Han
MixerBox Inc. Global Marketing Specialist

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