Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! こんにちは!Memrise is an award-winning language learning system with over 50 million users. Specialising in combining cognitive science, powerful tech and entertaining content, Memrise makes language learning genuinely recreational. We offer 200 language combinations across 24 languages on our website, iOS and Android apps. By leveraging lots of brain science and plenty of humour, we’re striving to enrich people’s consciousness and help people achieve confident, real-world language skills in just a few short months.We’re exceptionally humbled to have been recognised for our hard work and dedication to transforming the way the world learns languages. We’ve been awarded:App of the Year 2017 at the Google I/O AwardsFrom the Play store: - Best App of 2017 - Best of 2016 Self Improvement- Best Apps of 2015- Top developer badge- Best Apps of iPad: Australia, Austria, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom - Best apps...
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3-5 Fashion Street,London,London,GB

Memrise Management & Employee Directory

Cindy Torma
Cindy Torma
Lab Manager at MIT Language Acquisition Lab
Shrikant Narasimhan
Shrikant Narasimhan
Data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics professional
Stephan Clavel
Stephan Clavel
Head of Customer Relationship Management at Memrise
Edward Cooke
Edward Cooke
Co-founder at Memrise. We're helping millions of people learn languages joyfully.
Guillaume Jaskula
Guillaume Jaskula
Looking for a job - Director of Studies | Teacher | Translator and Interpreter
Claudia Colvin
Claudia Colvin
Talent Acquisition Specialist at Memrise, Founder at Nobody's Watching
Adam Isaac
Adam Isaac
Tech Talent Lead (London) at Simply Business via Talentful

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Khan Academy

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