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This is the official LinkedIn page for the Manchester Evening News. Here you will find all the latest in depth investigations, opinion pieces and business news from across Greater Manchester.You can find out more from our website -
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Hollinwood Avenue,Chadderton,England,United Kingdom

Manchester Evening News Management & Employee Directory

Simon Bajkowski
Simon Bajkowski
Chief Manchester City writer at Manchester Evening News
Paul Coates
Paul Coates
Head of Print for Reach in the north west (MEN, Liverpool Echo, Huddersfield Examiner and associated weeklies)
Simon Coyle
Simon Coyle
Head of SEO, search and trending content | Content editor at Manchester Evening News
Flora Byatt
Flora Byatt
Senior Journalist at The Sentinel/Stoke-on-Trent Live
Tyrone Marshall
Tyrone Marshall
Senior football writer at the Manchester Evening News
Alex Brotherton
Alex Brotherton
Manchester City writer at the Manchester Evening News | Freelance sports journalist
Ben Arnold
Ben Arnold
Freelance journalist, copywriter and digital editor for various online and print outlets
Charlie Gregory
Charlie Gregory
Social Media and Content Executive at FansBet. Freelance Sports Journalist for Lancaster & Crowther. First-class graduate in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Salford.
Jordan Marley
Jordan Marley
Sport Social Media Editor at Manchester Evening News
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson
Reporter at the Manchester Evening News (Reach plc)
Nick Statham
Nick Statham
Local democracy/politics reporter based at Manchester Evening News.
Sarah Yates
Sarah Yates
Syndication Executive at Manchester Evening News

Manchester Evening News Competitors

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