Why Magid? As a PPE manufacturer with workers of our own, we understand your safety needs and the challenges you face. Our industry-leading experts and skilled manufacturing team, coupled with our worldwide network of suppliers, mean we source or develop everything you need to keep your workers safe at competitive prices. We answer your questions, conduct onsite assessments and tackle your toughest safety challenges - from customizing PPE to creating inventory management and distribution programs. Magid is the only company that gives you this kind of true expertise and personalized service. We're a fourth-generation family-owned business and still growing strong - at Magid, safety isn't just a job, it's our legacy. For more information about Magid or its full line of gloves and personal protective safety equipment, please visit or call 800.867.1083.
Magid contact details
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business supplies & equipment
Romeoville, Illinois, US

Magid Management & Employee Directory

Alison James
Alison James
Non-Executive Director & Board Member | Executive Director, BIC Corporate Foundation | Founder, Page 2 Consulting LLC
Abe Lefkowitz
Abe Lefkowitz
Accounts Executive at Magid Maintenance Supplies
Ricky Danner
Ricky Danner
Vice President of Corporate Accounts at Magid
Beth Miller
Beth Miller
C-Level Executive - Operations, Strategy, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Marketing | Board Member | Speaker
Cynthia Whitfield
Cynthia Whitfield
Make a Difference AND Have FUN! Become MAGnificent!
Chad Babin
Chad Babin
Vice President Sales Construction at Magid
Debby Ruth
Debby Ruth
Executive Vice President, Global Media & Entertainment at Magid
Desiree Colomina
Desiree Colomina
Emmy Award winner producer, journalist and Media consultant
Jonathan Asher
Jonathan Asher
Business Builder | Behavioral Shopper Insights Expert
Khushboo Patel
Khushboo Patel
Data Scientist at Magid (Global Media, Entertainment & Gaming) | MS in Data Science
Mark Hosbein
Mark Hosbein
Insights Driven Global Growth and Strategy Executive
Ryan M
Ryan M
Reducing Workplace Injuries One Glove at a Time
Tony Cardinale
Tony Cardinale
Media, Entertainment & Insights Executive

Magid Competitors

MCR Safety
Superior Glove
consumer goods
Watson Gloves
import & export
Briggs Equipment Ireland
Business Supplies & Equipment
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Business Supplies & Equipment

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