Madison Logic

Since 2005, Madison Logic has helped B2B companies convert their best accounts faster. We empower marketers to accelerate their pipeline by identifying, prioritizing and engaging their top accounts.Through the ML Platform, we bring sales and marketing together with integrated buyer insights and journey optimization to make every interaction a meaningful one.From our offices in four countries across three continents we provide a true partnership with our global client base.When 70% of your purchase process occurs before individuals on the buying committee self-identify, successful account-based marketing strategies must include both inbound and outbound strategies that raise product awareness and increase account penetration at all stages in the buyer journey.The ML Platform from Madison Logic is the only global account-based marketing platform that uses technology, actionable data, and content to speed the buyer journey at all stages.Facebook: @MadisonLogic (
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marketing & advertising
257 Park Avenue South,New York,NY,US

Madison Logic Management & Employee Directory

Kristin Watts
Kristin Watts
Sales Director, Enterprise at Madison Logic | ABM Trained and Certified | Intent Data | B2B Tech Marketing | Digital Media | Demand Generation
Kyle Jordan
Kyle Jordan
Sr. Global Talent Acquisition Manager at Madison Logic
Hamlet Markarian
Hamlet Markarian
20+ years of sales, business development experience. Presidents club member at 3 different companies.
Karl Van Buren
Karl Van Buren
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Madison Logic
Jessie Edwards
Jessie Edwards
Enterprise Sales Director at Madison Logic
Justin Terribile
Justin Terribile
Sales Director, Enterprise Team Lead at Madison Logic | ABM | Intent Data | B2B Tech Marketing | Digital Media | Demand Generation
John Deraeve
John Deraeve
Sales Director, Enterprise at Madison Logic | ABM | Intent Data | B2B Marketing | Digital Media | Global Scale | Content Syndication | Social Analytics | Omni Channel
Ethan Andolina
Ethan Andolina
Strategic Customer Success Manager @ Madison Logic | Co-founder Sidekick Media
Greg Scott
Greg Scott
Financial Analyst at Madison Logic
Sanjuktha Pendyala
Sanjuktha Pendyala
Digital Marketing Specialist at Madison Logic
Stephanie Scorziello
Stephanie Scorziello
Through creativity, collaboration and a multilateral approach, I find ways to make order out of the chaos that is advertising operations

Madison Logic Competitors

marketing & advertising
marketing & advertising
Grey Matter
Marketing & Advertising
BMF Australia
Marketing & Advertising

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