, a LinkedIn Company, is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, government, corporate and academic subscriptions, members have access to the video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts – more than 5,700 courses and 255,000 video tutorials across mobile and desktop. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and is helping over 364 million members worldwide achieve more in their careers by making connections, discovering opportunities and gaining insights. LinkedIn’s global reach means we get to make a direct impact on the world’s workforce in ways no other company can. Together, we can transform lives through innovative learning products and technology. At & LinkedIn, we strive to help our employees find passion and purpose. Join us in changing the way the world works! contact details
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Carpinteria, CA, US Management & Employee Directory

Cory Lebson
Cory Lebson
UX Research Consultant/Freelancer; Leader; Speaker; Instructor; Author
Heather Severino
Heather Severino
Microsoft MVP, MCT Regional Lead, LinkedIn Learning Instructor, Microsoft Office Specialist Master, Microsoft Teams Expert, Author
Robert Bean
Robert Bean
Relationship Manager at, a LinkedIn Company
Prakash Raman
Prakash Raman
I support CXOs to lead themselves and others more effectively
Devin Avilla
Devin Avilla
Working with higher education to help close the skills and network gap
Phil Hawkins
Phil Hawkins
Photography and image post-processing instructor
Craig Smallish
Craig Smallish
Passionate in the Pursuit of Great Concepts | Illustrator | Educator | Author | Mechanic
Ben Long
Ben Long
Photographer, writer, teacher, videographer
Kevin Callahan
Kevin Callahan
Print and Digital Publishing Consultant. Writer and speaker on ebook development and accessibility.
Abi Marks
Abi Marks
EMEA Corporate Account Executive at
Amanda Clayman
Amanda Clayman
Psychotherapist and Coach specializing in Financial Wellness

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