Founded in 2009, KIXEYE is consistently redefining the intersection of fidelity and accessibility by creating innovative experiences for competitive gamers. KIXEYE is based in San Francisco with additional studios in Australia, Canada, and Vietnam. KIXEYE is the creative force behind Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates, War Commander, VEGA Conflict, and War Commander: Rogue Assault. KIXEYE pioneered the much emulated Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy genre and have spent the last several years perfecting it. Our leadership team and board of directors are comprised of video game veterans, serial entrepreneurs, and obsessive innovators working together to push the boundaries on immersive gameplay.
KIXEYE contact details
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computer games
Victoria, British Columbia, CA

KIXEYE Management & Employee Directory

Gustav Metkowski
Gustav Metkowski
Asst. Controller / Revenue Manager at KIXEYE
Tyler Black
Tyler Black
Director of Product Management at KIXEYE
George Hornmoen
George Hornmoen
Senior Programmer at Blackbird Interactive
Colin How
Colin How
In the business of delighting and entertaining people. Pretty good...not bad.
Kendra McCarthy
Kendra McCarthy
General Manager Australian Studios (BNE & MLB) / Director of Creative Services
Dylan Sproule
Dylan Sproule
VP Engineering / Studio Director at KIXEYE

KIXEYE Competitors

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Glu Mobile
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The Meta
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Eloboost24 Group LTD
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