Founded in 2012, Kitchfix has been a progressive leader in Chicago meal delivery for the Paleo, Whole30, and Keto market. Kitchfix is committed to building a standard of eating for everyday people to reduce stress though food with anti-inflammatory benefits and cleaner ingredient lines. Building on the expertise of the Chicago meal delivery, Kitchfix expanded into grain-free retail product lines that are now available nationwide. All Kitchfix products are crafted to incredibly high standards, limiting ingredients like grains and refined sugars that put stress on your body. All products are stress-free, meaning easy on your body and convenient for your life. Kitchfix grain-free granolas, granola bars, and waffles now come in these delicious varieties: Grain-Free Granola:· Easy Living Original Midwest Mix· Sunny Nut Honey Pecan· Just Strolling Cocoa Sea Salt· Bright Light Triple BerryGrain-Free Granola Bar:· You Be You Vanilla Sea Salt· Happy Day...
Kitchfix contact details
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food & beverages
1731 W Grand AVe,Chicago,IL,United States

Kitchfix Management & Employee Directory

Ross Lipari
Ross Lipari
Chief Sales Officer egglife ||xGoogle ||xMillerCoors ||xAccenture Tech & CPG Start-Up Advisor
Kathleen  Hubbard
Kathleen Hubbard
Cook at Kitchfix Performance Food Service at Toronto Blue Jays Players Development Complex
Chef Andy Williams
Chef Andy Williams
Food Service Director - Toronto Blue Jays at Kitchfix
Joseph Lessard
Joseph Lessard
Director, Performance Food Service at Kitchfix
Leslie Asensio
Leslie Asensio
Head of People at Kitchfix | Culture Builder | Growth Enabler
Ben Isler
Ben Isler
Senior Relationship Manager at Charles Schwab
Emily Williams
Emily Williams
Upbeat, creative problem solver looking for an engaging remote opportunity
Michelle Salter
Michelle Salter
Chef for a major league baseball team in Tampa Bay
Nathan Ykema
Nathan Ykema
Release Train Engineer / Sales Engineer / Certified Scrum Product Owner / Certified Scrum Master

Kitchfix Competitors

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The Goddess Group
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Meals de Colombia
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Sarpino's USA
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Noodle Box
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