Since 1987, we’ve been designing gear to take on New Zealand, and the world. You’ve helped us by being our travel experts, putting the gear through the harshest conditions, and have helped shape who we are today through your honest feedback.With Kiwi ingenuity, and an open mind, we continuously adapt our gear to endure different weather conditions, diverse terrains, and the ever changing needs of travellers. We act with people and the planet in mind – from the creative minds of our designers, to the careful hands of our suppliers, to the backs of our customers all around the world. We believe that adventure begins when you pack your bag. We are Kathmandu.Our passion for the outdoors, focus on product design and innovation and customer-first culture are shared by Oboz Footwear, and we're proud to welcome to Oboz to the Kathmandu family in March 2018.
Kathmandu contact details
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223 Tuam St,Christchurch,Canterbury,NZ

Kathmandu Management & Employee Directory

gavin mccormack
gavin mccormack
School Principal of the Year finalists 2020 - TEDX Speaker - 6-12 Montessori Teacher - Australian LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 - Author
michael peres
michael peres
13M+ LinkedIn Views | Entrepreneur, Journalist, Radio Host, Software Engineer, Founder and Pioneer of The Breaking 9-5 Work Model.
mithleshwar ميثليشوار hembrom هيمبروم
mithleshwar ميثليشوار hembrom هيمبروم
General Manager-Operations ,Quality & Legal at Grande Hospital Kathmandu Nepal & SCI International Hospital
prakash malla
prakash malla
CEO | Recruitment Consultant | Head Hunter | WhatsApp: +977 9801003502 | Email: [email protected]
mohan bhandari
mohan bhandari
Co-Founder at 800 Cars

Kathmandu Competitors

apparel & fashion
Reece Group
building materials

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