Jump Trading LLC

Jump Trading combines sophisticated quantitative research, best-in-class technology, and an entrepreneurial culture to create a leading global, quantitative-based trading firm. Jump has more than 700 employees across offices in Chicago, New York, London, Bristol, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, and Gurgaon.A privately owned and funded company, we foster a culture of intellectual curiosity and learning. Jump employees are some of the world’s most brilliant minds, with backgrounds in trading, Silicon Valley tech companies and startups, top PhD programs and research labs. Walking through our offices, you’ll hear conversations about the latest research in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. We help employees to scale their intelligence – giving them all the tools they need to be challenged and successful. For almost 20 years, Jump has been investing in superior infrastructure, including hardware, software, wireless networks, and a world-class supercomputer. We...
Jump Trading LLC contact details
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capital markets
600 W Chicago Ave,Chicago,Illinois,US

Jump Trading LLC Management & Employee Directory

Chintan Sheth
Chintan Sheth
Trader and Research at Jump Trading LLC
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera
Client Support Engineer at Jump Trading LLC
Pedro Estrela
Pedro Estrela
Network Quant | Wireless, Low-Latency & XCHG microstructure Performance | HFT Trading & Technology
Joe Stratico
Joe Stratico
Business Development at Jump Trading LLC
Mohit Garg
Mohit Garg
Software Engineer, Distributed Systems
Paul Kenyon
Paul Kenyon
Business Development - Americas at Jump Trading LLC
Reza Takapoui
Reza Takapoui
Quantitative Researcher at Jump Trading LLC
Sam Picus
Sam Picus
Software Engineer at Jump Trading LLC
Samantha Luo
Samantha Luo
Quantitative Developer at Jump Trading LLC
Sameh Sharkawi
Sameh Sharkawi
HPC Software Engineer at Jump Trading LLC
Sarah Foley Kurup
Sarah Foley Kurup
Immigration Counsel at Jump Trading, LLC- in-house legal and HR professional, managing global immigration & mobility in a fast-paced and innovative industry.
Wenxi Fan
Wenxi Fan
Application System Developer at Jump Trading LLC

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