Julius Baer

Julius Baer is the international reference in wealth management, based on a solid Swiss heritage. With origins dating back to 1890, we have been dedicated to serving and advising private clients and family offices from around the world for over 125 years. For us, wealth management is about more than providing favourable returns. It is about providing a fully holistic service for our clients and building lasting relationships based on partnership, continuity and mutual trust.We take the same approach when it comes to our team. We look to recruit and develop the best talent for the long term - people who share our core values of Care, Passion, Excellence. Headquartered in Zurich, we are present in more than 50 locations worldwide, including Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Milan, Monaco, Montevideo, Moscow, Mumbai, Singapore and Tokyo. For more information visit the Julius Bär website www.juliusbaer.com
Julius Baer contact details
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Bahnhofstrasse 36,Zurich,Zürich,CH

Julius Baer Management & Employee Directory

Alan Hooks
Alan Hooks
Managing Director, Head of Private Clients at Julius Baer
David Nicol
David Nicol
Non- Executive director , charity trustee , former FTSE 250 CEO
Peter Keller
Peter Keller
Managing Director - Head of Corporate Advisory at Julius Baer
Aish Palaniappan
Aish Palaniappan
Associate Director - Product Management at Julius Baer
Charles Kendrick
Charles Kendrick
Director, Relationship Manager at Julius Baer
Hallo Azizi
Hallo Azizi
Associate Director - Financial Crime Compliance at Julius Baer
Laurent Laclef
Laurent Laclef
Executive Director, Deputy Head of Market Risk at Julius Baer
Matthias Plattner
Matthias Plattner
Head Channels and Innovation bei Julius Baer
Suresh Babu Narayanan
Suresh Babu Narayanan
Director, Project Management & Business Engineering
Varun Kalra
Varun Kalra
Associate Director Marketing & Communications - Julius Baer India
Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson
Associate Manager - Private Banking, Julius Baer
Ayush Aggarwal
Ayush Aggarwal
Data Engineering, Analytics & Solutions | MBA
Shreyas More
Shreyas More
Software Developer at Julius Baer Wealth Advisor Pvt. Ltd.
Theo Benichou
Theo Benichou
Private Banker Assistant chez Julius Baer Monaco

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