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How can IZE Innovation Group help your company? Here's our key benefit to companies: we help identify relevant disruptive innovations because you can't. Innovation is hard for established companies because of three main reasons: 1. It is always the easier route to say, "No" From middle managers on up, if there is a decision to try something new, the simplest answer is, "No." Of course, it is often the correct answer, and no one is going to get fired for saying it. Companies need their team to be focused, and that means companies need to say no to many ideas. 2. A company's team is self-selected Employees are hired (and retained) because they fit a corporate cultural mould. This is important because companies have to move quickly as a unit in the same direction. Cacophony and dissonance among the team make for ineffective movement. Thus, asking team members to think outside the box is orthogonal to the concept of an aligned workforce. It is not possible to simultaneous have a coord...
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management consulting
City of,San Francisco,CA,US

IZE Innovation Group Management & Employee Directory

Alice Pitoeff
Alice Pitoeff
International MBA 2014 || Entrepreneurship || Business Strategy || Art & Culture || Emerging Markets
Eric Dew
Eric Dew
Operating Partner at Enter Capital. Managing Partner at IZE Innovation Group
Jiangpeng Zhang
Jiangpeng Zhang
A Technology Enthusiast Obsessed with Everything Related to Software, Web, Mobile, Growth Hacking

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