IDW Publishing

Founded in 1999, IDW started as an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California, and has grown into a fully integrated media company that now includes IDW Games, IDW Entertainment, Top Shelf Productions, and the San Diego Comic Art Gallery. IDW’s executive team consists of Chris Ryall (President, Publisher & Chief Creative Officer), Robbie Robbins (EVP & Senior Art Director), John Barber (Editor-in-Chief), Cara Morrison (Chief Financial Officer), Matt Ruzicka (Chief Accounting Officer), David Hedgecock (Associate Publisher), Jerry Bennington (VP, New Product Development), and Lorelei Bunjes (VP, Digital Services).IDW Publishing is regularly recognized as one of the top four comic book publishers in the US. Over 80 IDW titles have appeared on The New York Times Best Sellers list. In 2015 alone, IDW published over 500 unique comic book titles and over 250 graphic novels.Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and indepe...
IDW Publishing contact details
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2765 Truxtun Road,San Diego,CA,US

IDW Publishing Management & Employee Directory

Keith Davidsen
Keith Davidsen
Director, Public Relations & Marketing at IDW Publishing
Sam Shearon
Sam Shearon
Artist of Sci-Fi & Horror, Vintage Futures, Monsters, Cryptozoology and Bio-Mechanics. MAILING LIST:
Greg Foreman
Greg Foreman
S&OP at IDW Publishing specializing in DTC
Jim Sorenson
Jim Sorenson
Expert Data Analyst in the Online Space
Tom Sacchi
Tom Sacchi
Tom Sacchi CGI VFX Executive Producer & Lighting TD
Edward Kraatz II
Edward Kraatz II
Cover Artist/Freelance Artist/Illustrator-Credits Include IDW Publishing/Dark Horse Comics
Anna Morrow
Anna Morrow
VP, Marketing & Publicity at IDW Publishing
Nachie Marsham
Nachie Marsham
Executive Editor at Disney Publishing Worldwide
Sophie Ansel
Sophie Ansel
Director Journalist Writer Producer Consultant & Expert (European Union) #ocean #wildlife #Australia #Asia Film, VR, Book, GraphicNovel
Joe Corroney
Joe Corroney
Freelance Illustrator at Simon and Schuster

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