Hyrian was founded in 1997 with the goal of changing the way the nation recruits. Since then, it has been recognized as a major player in the RPO industry earning accolades such as three times named in Bakers Dozen. Hyrian is a privately held, wholly owned subsidiary of Encima Corporation, a consulting company, based out of New York City, with a focus on Recruitment, HR and Marketing consulting services whose growth is self-funded. We answer not to venture capitalists, shareholders, or market analysts; we answer only to you, our customer. Our growth comes from an unwavering focus on our core mission and strategy, which is to partner with large enterprises that are "employers of choice" and that appreciate the importance and complexity of a professionally executed recruitment and hiring process. Hyrian has a demonstrated ability to successfully address the hiring needs of the largest companies, while maintaining the flexibility to tailor to your specific needs.
Hyrian contact details
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staffing & recruiting
304 Park Avenue South 11th Floor,New York,NY,US

Hyrian Management & Employee Directory

Diana Jones
Diana Jones
Accounting and Finance Coordinator at Hyrian
Jessica K
Jessica K
Recruitment Coordinator at Hyrian
Mark Nesgoda
Mark Nesgoda
Account Executive at Hyrian OnDemand
Melanie Moberg
Melanie Moberg
Account Executive at Hyrian On Demand
Emer Lalor
Emer Lalor
Creative Services Associate at Hyrian
Kerrie Swant
Kerrie Swant
Clinical Recruitng Associate at Hyrian

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