HSS specializes in healthcare security and high-stakes security environments, adhering to the ideals of empathy, intellect, innovation, diplomacy, discretion, and presence to create safe environments wherever we serve. Through the application of specialized training, knowledge, and experience, HSS creates higher levels of safety and security through positive interactions with guests, patients, community, and staff. Our ingrained ability to assess and de-escalate situations, and determine the best courses of action makes us who we are.HSS is headquartered in Denver, Colorado – and, with more than 4,000 highly knowledgeable security and support staff, is one of Colorado’s largest employers. The company provides services nationally and maintains a presence in most states. In addition to healthcare, aviation, and government services, HSS offers high levels of expertise and experience in biomedical equipment management and security systems integration. HSS is one of only a few companies to...
HSS contact details
5,001-10,000 View all
security & investigations
990 S Broadway St,Denver,Colorado,US

HSS Management & Employee Directory

Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper
Proservice Hire Operations & Supply Chain Director at HSS Hire
Bart Murphy
Bart Murphy
Strategic Operations | Director | Leadership | Driving Change, Sales and Performance
Medha Nadgir
Medha Nadgir
Principal, Client Service & Operations Director at Beacon Pointe
Ron Mcdonald
Ron Mcdonald
Director of Human Resources at American Water Works Association
Dawn Heyliger
Dawn Heyliger
Payroll, HR Systems & Shared Services Manager at HSS Hire
Ghaith Al Bezreh
Ghaith Al Bezreh
Lead Architect /Project manager at Consultant HSS
Megan Davis
Megan Davis
Regional Accounts Desk Manager at HSS Hire
Jon Overman
Jon Overman
Experienced leader with private equity and PLC experience
Kaj Ronnlund
Kaj Ronnlund
Professional Board Member and Investor
Michael Berrebi
Michael Berrebi
Réalisateur Sport/ Réalisateur / Directeur Artistique / Réalisateur Conseil (sport-info-talk-musique-event)

HSS Competitors

HSS Hire
business supplies & equipment
Hospital for Special Surgery
hospital & health care
Walden Security
security & investigations
Security Alliance
security & investigations
Midwest Security Forces, LLC
Security & Investigations
Security & Investigations
security & investigations

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