H&CO is a Global CPA firm specializing in national and international tax, accounting and corporate services since 1992. We provide multi-jurisdiction tax compliance and superior on-demand accounting services. We are committed to providing superior personal attention to our clients and take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive comes from years of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen.Our core services consist of accounting and business services, corporate and multinational tax planning, U.S. inbound and outbound tax services, and family office services.Our multilingual professionals have broad experience in helping corporations manage their accounting and tax burdens as well as complying with today's complex reporting requirements. Our extensive national and international resources allow us to guide your business to success and become your most trusted advisors.To obtain more information about our firm, please contact us direc...
H&CO, LLP contact details
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2320 Ponce De Leon Blvd,Coral Gables,FL,US

H&CO, LLP Management & Employee Directory

Ca Kowshik Bhat
Ca Kowshik Bhat
Practicing Professional - Chartered Accountant | Partner & Co-founder H G K & Co
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel
Founder & Global CEO - Water And Shark, Top 100 Great People Manager 2020 by @Forbes India @Great Manager Institute
Shahid Parkar
Shahid Parkar
Partner and Co-Founder at S P A S AND CO. LLP Chartered Accountants
Giovanna M
Giovanna M
Lead Talent Acquisition, USA | GBS | University Recruitment | DE&I
Andres Palacios
Andres Palacios
Consultant SAP Business One and Beas Manufacturing en H&CO, LLP
Barry Shacter
Barry Shacter
Consultant at Broward Office of H&CO, LLP
Dennis Day
Dennis Day
Strategic Advisor to Private Equity and Corporate Services Providers
Janice Cayon
Janice Cayon
Partner Entity Management Division at H&CO, LLP
Marcos Leandro Silva
Marcos Leandro Silva
Consultor especialista Sap Business One/Arquiteto de soluções SAP
Peter Buttle
Peter Buttle
Chairman at Buttle plc, Designated Member of h&b Buying Group llp and other positions

H&CO, LLP Competitors

Diamond Academy
The Back Office
Crowe Ireland
Laas Co

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