GSN Games

GSN Games is a leading provider of cross-platform entertainment, including social casino games and skill-based cash tournaments designed to fuel every player's inner winner. Founded in 1999 as skill games site, the company has evolved into a premier social, mobile and online games company. WorldWinner launched its iOS app in 2017 and has prized out more than $1.5 billion to date in online cash tournaments. GSN Games also provides virtual casino experiences that go beyond Vegas, as the creator of GSN Casino, a top-ranked and top-grossing mobile app, and Games by GSN, a top-five virtual casino app on Facebook. For advertisers and brand marketers looking to reach an audience of 47 million highly engaged players, GSN Games also offers custom advertising solutions. For more information, visit'RE HIRING! With competitive benefits, cool co-workers and more, life at GSN Games really is all fun and games!View all open positions:
GSN Games contact details
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2150 Colorado Ave ,Santa Monica,CA,US

GSN Games Management & Employee Directory

Christina Osmun
Christina Osmun
VP/GM on Solitaire TriPeaks at GSN Games
Matt Catalano
Matt Catalano
Account Executive, Direct Response at GSN (TV & Games)
Chittaranjan Behera
Chittaranjan Behera
Senior Director Finance and Tax at GSN Games
Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas
Technical Project Manager at GSN Games
Roy Zaharoni
Roy Zaharoni
Marketing Project Manager at GSN Games
Todd Legate
Todd Legate
Product Manager, LiveOps at GSN Games
Krishna Mohite
Krishna Mohite
Associate Principal Technical Artist at GSN Games, a Scopely company
Shobhit Verma
Shobhit Verma
2D&3D Character Artist,Game concept Artist,UI Artist,Flash Animator& Senior Unity 2D Technical animator inGSN GAMES,Bangalore
Bhanu Srikanth
Bhanu Srikanth
Sr Game Artist UI at GSN Games a Scopely Studio
Gene Bang
Gene Bang
Game Designer at GSN Games - Palo Alto

GSN Games Competitors

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East Of Chicago
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