GREE, Inc.

GREE is the world’s leading Internet company providing mobile content and services, backed by cutting-edge technology. Since it was developed by the Company’s founder Yoshikazu Tanaka, the GREE social networking service has been spreading its wings, accepting 14 languages, reaching 169 countries and regions. Additionally, GREE continues to provide fun new ways of communicating, such as the development of the world’s first mobile social game.(or Additionally, GREE continues to provide fun new ways of communicating, such as the development of the world’s first mobile social game and offering many social applications in wide range of genre, including not only gaming, but entertainment and lifestyle.) GREE expands its business in wide range of fields, including Social Gaming Business, Social Media Business, Advertising and Ad Network Business, Licensing and Merchandising Business, and Venture Capital Business. ■GREE Recruiitng Facebook page
GREE, Inc. contact details
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GREE, Inc. Management & Employee Directory

Karenna Gore
Karenna Gore
Chief Executive Officer at GREE, Inc.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
Staff Cloud Operations Engineer at Sony Interactive Entertainment
Uenoyama Katsuya
Uenoyama Katsuya
Business Intelligence Manager at GREE International, Inc
Charlie Lopes
Charlie Lopes
vendeuse chez GREE International, Inc
Debra Shapiro
Debra Shapiro
Northwest Regional Education at GREE, Inc.
Kristin Watanabe
Kristin Watanabe
Program Specialist (Customer Support) at GREE International Entertainment Inc
May Yin
May Yin
Financial Analyst at Gree International Inc.
Opawole Abiola
Opawole Abiola
Mechanical Engineer at Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai
Pesro Starr
Pesro Starr
Lavoratore presso GREE International, Inc

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