Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts

With more than half a century experience as hotel franchisor, Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts (, now with its head office in Paris, France, is a worldwide hospitality company offering services in the mid- upper- and luxury scales to over 230 hotels representing 27.000 rooms in more than 46 countries. The 3 brands present in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, the Asian Pacific Region and the Americas, promise International Standard of services and facilities throughout hotels which retrain their own unique flavours and personality. Since the signing of a commercial alliance with Louvre Hotels group, representing the Premiere Classe, Campanile, Kyriad and Kyriad prestige brands, the total portfolio combine 1 134 hotels representing 93 366 rooms and covering all hotel categories, creating the top 10 hotel chain worldwide.
Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts contact details
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1, Place des Degrés, Puteaux, Ile-de-France 92800, FR

Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts Management & Employee Directory

Hind Halim
Hind Halim
Banquet& Room Service Manager, Sofitel Luxury Hotels and ResortsManager,
Yahia Legoui
Yahia Legoui
Senior Housekeeping Supervisor at Royal Tulip
Florentina Triyas
Florentina Triyas
Training Manager Golden Tulip Essential Tangerang
Shadi Elkhoury
Shadi Elkhoury
Corporate Human Resources & Training Manager at Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts
Lucky Arifianto
Lucky Arifianto
IT Manager at Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resort | Website Development | Digital Marketing Specialist
Amanjeet Singh Gill
Amanjeet Singh Gill
F&B Manager at Royal Tulip Luxury Hotels - Louvre Hotels Group
Vandana Rani
Vandana Rani
Human Resources Manager at Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts
Amr Makhlouf
Amr Makhlouf
General Manager Golden Tulip Hotels & Resorts
Mohamed El Wahab
Mohamed El Wahab
Cluster General Manager at Louvre Hotels Group / Best Western Hotels & Resorts
Renny Margaretha
Renny Margaretha
Public Relations Manager & Executive Secretary at Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts
Sarang Ghodkhande
Sarang Ghodkhande
Cluster Food & Beverage Manager at THE ACT Hotel & 72 Hotel

Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites & Resorts Competitors

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