Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC

A Friendly's Ice Cream Shop was opened in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1935 by two young brothers, Prestley and Curtis Blake, with money they borrowed from their parents. It didn't take long for Friendly's reputation to grow and the number of shops quickly increased. The brothers built a small plant to make and distribute their famous ice cream and toppings. They also introduced classic American foods like Friendly's Big Beef burgers, SuperMelt Sandwiches and the world-famous Fribble milk shake. Friendly's reputation is based on quality food and friendly service. We get fresh milk delivered to our ice cream plant daily from local dairy farms to ensure that every scoop is as fresh as homemade. Made with cocoa, sugar and fresh milk, Friendly's hot fudge recipe has been the same for generations. For over 75 years, Friendly's has been your neighborhood place to gather with family and friends, tell stories and even joke about the best way to eat an ice cream sundae. We encour...
Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC contact details
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Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC Management & Employee Directory

todd mosher
todd mosher
Certified Executive Management & Leadership Expert,✔️ Consultant & Coach , Strategic Planner. ACC, CVACC, ICF. ✔️
tony libardi
tony libardi
Co-CEO & President at Marco's Pizza (Marco's Franchising, LLC)
rich sarnie
rich sarnie
COO at United Alliance Services Corporation (Safety Advisory) & OccuMed of New England (on-site EMT’s)
renée peets
renée peets
Vice President of Procurement, North America at The Kraft Heinz Company

Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC Competitors

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