Fox Chase Cancer Center

At Fox Chase Cancer Center, defeating cancer is our calling. Fox Chase is one of the nation’s first dedicated cancer hospitals, and our researchers and physicians have made major contributions to scientific advancement since our establishment more than a century ago in 1904. Fox Chase scientists have made breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship, and have earned the highest awards in their fields, including two Nobel Prizes. We translate these pioneering discoveries into world-class clinical care every day - with a single purpose: to defeat cancer and help the people it impacts. This calling is rooted in our cancer-specific, multidisciplinary teams of doctors, researchers, practitioners, and five-time Magnet designated nurses, who are all more than specialists in cancer; they are international experts in distinct types of cancer, whose deep and focused expertise provides the best chance for the best outcome anywhere along the cancer continuum. And they...
Fox Chase Cancer Center contact details
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hospital & health care
333 Cottman Avenue,Philadelphia,PA,US

Fox Chase Cancer Center Management & Employee Directory

wafik el-deiry
wafik el-deiry
Director, Cancer Center at Brown University
wilhelm lubbe
wilhelm lubbe
Radiation Oncologist
rodrigo arrangoiz
rodrigo arrangoiz
Breast Surgeon / Thyroid Surgeon / Parathyroid Surgeon / Head and Neck Surgeon at Center for Advanced Surgical Oncology at Palmetto General Hospital
daniel coudry
daniel coudry
CEO / Conselheiro / Presidente / Diretor Geral

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