About Us We start with top-grain leather to ensure strength, durability and consistency, and move into luxurious lambskin for buttery soft and durable fashion garments. After 80 years of manufacturing, the kinks have been worked out, so zippers zip, snaps snap and the linings hold up for the life of the jacket. We do not take style lightly. Each design is carefully considered for its fashion and durability.
Excelled contact details
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apparel & fashion
1100 Milik Street,Carteret,NJ,US

Excelled Management & Employee Directory

Bassam Saeed
Bassam Saeed
Founder / CEO of Excelled Marketing Inc. & Web Elites Inc.
Nieves Araujo
Nieves Araujo
Debra Solan
Debra Solan
Director of Merchandising and Marketing, Catalog Division at Excelled Leather and Sheepskin Corp.
Melissa Slater
Melissa Slater
Fashion Director at Macy's Department Stores
Steve Whewell
Steve Whewell
Head Of School at Excelled Montessori Plus
Chantelle Roberts
Chantelle Roberts
NJ Content Creator | Brand Strategist #MilSpouse
Kelly Ludwig
Kelly Ludwig
Fitness specialist at Excelled Athletics LLC
Rebecca Cushway
Rebecca Cushway
Organisational Psychologist | Executive Coach| Facilitator | Team Building | Culture Change | Consultant | Connect Me
Valerie Tellez-giron
Valerie Tellez-giron
Assistant Teacher at Excelled Montessori Schools
Zeenal Parikh
Zeenal Parikh
Virtual Montessori teacher at Excelled MONTESSORI SCHOOL
Zindel Feuerwerger
Zindel Feuerwerger
A “Loan” is not the answer, a “Good Loan” is the answer!!

Excelled Competitors

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