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eLab, an eLearning course builder, enables the rapid development, integration, updating and deployment of eLearning courseware and content. The eLab editor is a standalone application that permits the integration of content into predefined learning activities.eLab editor permits the designer to determine the course structure, integrate the content, determine which media elements will appear, set quiz and interactivity parameters. Multi-lingual: French, English and Arabic Easy Image, Sound, Narrations and Flash integration Easier navigation More options and customization Automated SCORM Packaging Customizable templates to suit your needs Easy HTML editor integrated in all text fields and much much more! The eLab Player is a light-weight (100K) and unique Macromedia Flash SWF [1] movie that is composed of a series of intelligent, interchangeable and reusable templated pages that manages the output presentation. Easy to use, Easy to create! This Flash movie can be modified, re-ordered at will and populated by content structured in the XML file it calls. In addition, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) technology is leveraged to format the data, so that every aspect of the final output can be controlled from the outside. With this approach, the instructional designer need only update the XML document to change any aspect of the content displayed in the Flash SWF movie.

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