DueDil is a company intelligence platform that delivers insights on more than 50 million companies and the people behind them. DueDil provides a complete view of the UK and Irish market so the SME onboarding process is as robust as it is frictionless. We provide all of this in a single KYB for Life platform that is easy to consume, whether you’re looking to automate or give your team a leg up. We believe that creating a best in class customer experience starts with best in class customer insights. We all know that context matters when making important decisions. The DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ ingests billions of data points a day and surfaces more than 270 million connections between companies, directors and shareholders. In January, second time in a row, DueDil was named RegTech Vendor of the Year at the 2019 British Banking Awards in recognition for its work in financial services transforming the digital customer journey for tens of thousands of UK SMEs. Investo...
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London, GB

DueDil Management & Employee Directory

Denis Dorval
Denis Dorval
VP Sales, International (EMEA &APAC) at JumpCloud, Inc.
Ciara Mcgrath
Ciara Mcgrath
Head of HR & Talent (Expert at the creation and implementation of learning and development pathways)
Anastasija D
Anastasija D
Customer Service Consultant at Burberry
Aidan Luke Stanley
Aidan Luke Stanley
Strategy, Marketing and Research at Duedil.com
Emma Arora
Emma Arora
Helping companies find opportunities and mitigate risk
Euan Roberts
Euan Roberts
Helping companies to uncover new business and mitigate risk

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financial services
financial services
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