Drizly is the world's largest alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop beer, wine and spirits. Our customers trust us to be part of their lives – their celebrations, parties, dinners and quiet nights at home. We are there when it matters - committed to life's moments and the people who create them. We partner with the best retail stores in over 1200 cities across North America to serve up the best buying experience. Drizly offers a huge selection and competitive pricing with a side of personalized content.
Drizly contact details
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food & beverages
334 Boylston St,Boston,Massachusetts,US

Drizly Management & Employee Directory

Thornton Ellis
Thornton Ellis
Senior Software Engineer at Drizly | CTO & Co-founder at Budeli
Alessandra Verne
Alessandra Verne
Head of Corporate Sales @ Drizly | Ex-Uber
Becca Goldklang
Becca Goldklang
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Drizly
Caroline Kirby
Caroline Kirby
Associate Director, Marketing at Drizly
Victoria Brenneman
Victoria Brenneman
Consumer Product Director | Culture Builder | Career Coach
Daniel Parsons
Daniel Parsons
Engineering Manager, Consumer Purchase & Fulfillment at Drizly
Esra Uzun Mason
Esra Uzun Mason
Training Expert | Global Learning Program Manager | Content and Curriculum Developer | DEI Trainer | Facilitator | Intercultural Learning Specialist | Small Business Owner
Max Kotov
Max Kotov
Technical Product Manager @ Drizly | MS Information Technology
Ali Gerson
Ali Gerson
Talent Acquisition Lead @ DRIZLY⚡️ I'M HIRING ON THE NON-TECH SIDE!⚡️
Cole Chiumento
Cole Chiumento
Senior Data Platform Engineer @ Drizly
Jaci Flug
Jaci Flug
General Counsel/ Senior Vice President at Drizly
Janus Cataluna
Janus Cataluna
Strategic Finance @ Drizly | Ex-Kearney
Koryn Ternes
Koryn Ternes
Insights & Strategic Partnerships @ Drizly
Amit Patel
Amit Patel
SVP, Strategic Partnerships and Monetization at Drizly - Previously at NBC Peacock, Amazon, DIRECTV, Sony Pictures
Peter Koulouris
Peter Koulouris
Marketing Assistant at Key Promotional Solutions

Drizly Competitors

marketing & advertising
Rocketmiles, a Booking Holdings company
leisure, travel & tourism
Jugo Juice
food & beverages
Bacchus Management Group
food & beverages

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